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Swim with Dolphins

Live the incredible experience of swimming with these lovely creatures, the best dolphin experience in Cancun.

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Axolotl Exhibit

Discover this extraordinary exhibit and delve into getting to know this fascinating species.

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Fish Species

Explore and get to know more than 140 species.

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Aquarium Trek

Live an incredible experience of swimming with certain species and even feeding them!

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Interactive Ponds

directly Interact with rays and echinoderms, they will surprise you!

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Marine Mammals

Discover more about marine mammals at the Interactive Aquarium Cancun.

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Dolphin Presentation

Be part of the only presentation with marine mammals in Cancun.

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Fish Spa

Relaxing experience with authentic Garra Rufa fish.

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Electronic Playground Zone

Engaging activities to promote the care of marine life among children.

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