The only dolphin presentation in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Be part of the only presentation with marine mammals in Cancun. Learn about their behavior and have fun

with your family. Learn more about these species and their behavior from our Animal Care

Specialists. All while you have fun with your family.


A marine experience like no other before

Join us to enjoy, learn and be amazed by the great display of the incredible physical abilities and coordination of the dolphins, ambassadors of the ocean.

Dive into the enchanting world of dolphins! Our presentation features mesmerizing displays of agility and intelligence as these playful marine wonders perform synchronized jumps, spins, and acrobatic feats. Join us for a splash of excitement and a celebration of the remarkable bond between ACSs and dolphins in this unforgettable aquatic spectacle.


dolphin show cancun aquarium
dolphin show cancun aquarium

Type of show:
For families.


07:00 pm.


Learn with the animals.


Access for people with disabilities.

interactive aquarium cancun

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