Come to visit the Interactive Aquarium Cancun

Educational visits program at the Interactive Aquarium Cancún

The Interactive Aquarium Cancún opens its doors to all types of schools to participate in the Educational Scholar Visits, which promotes learning about the marine ecosystems and the commitment to its conservation with informative and interactive activities.

This program lasts 3 hours and takes place in the following areas:

aquarium-area-scholar-visitsFish Exhibit

Where they can admire and learn about different kinds of fish and marine corals: their eating habits, behavior, forms of reproduction, conservation status, among others.

contact-area-scholar-visitsTouch Tanks

Participants can watch and touch echinoderms: starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and stingrays.

technique-area-scholar-visitsTechnical Area

Visitors can explore the live food laboratory, management methods and the quarantine area.

dolphin-habitat-scholar-visitsDolphin Habitat

Our Animal Care Specialists will teach our participants about the biological characteristics of our dolphins and how to take care of them.

Register your school

Monday to Friday.

Group capacity:
40 students (1 teacher for every 10 students).

Access cost per student:

  • Public Schools:
  • Private Schools:
    $60.00 MXN per student.

Luis Didier Cox
Ambiental Education Coordination