Meet the aquatic reptiles

At the Interactive Aquarium Cancun, you will get to see aquatic reptiles like the red-eared slider turtles up close. These turtles are in fact part of our rescue efforts, since we have come to care for them as they have been donated by people who have found them abandoned or were no longer able to care for them.

especies-marinas-tortuga-terrestre-aquariumRed-eared Slider Turtle

Trachemys scripta elegance

The females are bigger than males, they can reach up to 30 centimeters long, they have two red patches on either side of their head, a characteristic particular to this species.

Males have a longer tail and longer nails on their front legs than females and their shell has a slight indent to make mating easier. They can live for up to 20 or 30 years.

Facts & information

  • Classification: Reptile.
  • Diet: They are omnivorous, they eat vegetables and animals.
  • Size: 30 centimeters long.
  • Fun Fact: The turtles’ gender is determined by the temperature of the incubation period. If the temperature was below 29ºC during incubation, all the turtles that are born will be male. If the temperature is above 29ºC, the turtles will be female.
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